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What distinguishes man from any other being? Yes, it is our ability to think! When we think, our mind processes so many thoughts. A fruitful thought can ignite an idea. An idea comes to life as an action. And the action becomes the empowerment that mankind needs! We have been working to empower the mankind since 2004. We believe education is the only way to eliminate ignorance from society. So we take it as a tool to nurture budding minds with knowledge and good values.

We are committed to provide the best academic textbooks based on the ever-evolving education system at affordable prices, thus catering to the refining and varying needs of the students and teachers.

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Unbox Space

Experience this wonderful world with the powerful instinct of our senses. It gives an opportunity to unleash the complete potential in children.

Our senses curate the basics of learning from its inner being - via sensory, cognitive and motor skills. To unbox – means to look within and go beyond the captivity of boundaries. Let’s create and learn through our own awareness. The first stage of children’s early development is the pure awareness of their five senses. Through this awareness, they learn about the world. Through this book, we intend building a strong and an innate environment of learning. This book features easy-to-learn concepts in the areas of simple fun-to-do activities. The 5 beans help the child unbox the simple learning of life.

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Our Readers

Appreciation from our readers always helps us to motivate ourselves and think that we are on the right path. We feel proud and encouraged to hear such words from our end users!

Our YouTube Channel

Our channel contains a list of entertaining animated rhymes and stories both in Tamil and English, which make learning fun and interesting for children. It also has videos of training sessions conducted for teachers and students by us.

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