Aspen English Coursebook

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Aspen tree is a deciduous tree which is renowned for its special kind of leaves which change colour according to the changing seasons. The changing leaves are an analogy of the changing milieu of our ‘Aspen’ books which are also full of beautiful mellow colours. New saplings of Aspen trees sprout from the roots of another Aspen tree and so this tree is aptly called the ‘tree of life’. Just like how the root system of the Aspen parent leads to the growth of new saplings, the four skills of communication such as reading, writing, speaking and listening lead to effective language learning, making our Aspen books truly books for life.

Pages: 112
Author: Aasma Ladha, MA Sheela, Fauzia Sheikh
Book Size: 216 x 280 mm
ISBN: 9789383687695
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