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Nurture is a series of eight attentively graded books (Class 1 to 8) that are structured taking into consideration the receptive ability and mental aptitude of the children of different age-groups. This series inculcates moral values in children in a practical way and allows them to opt for the opportunity to explore and experience their own strengths, abilities and qualities. Our life is simply the creation of mind. Once we nurture our minds with beautiful thoughts and seed good values in it, our life becomes beautiful and successful. A mind filled with positive thoughts, creativity and virtues, such as integrity of good characters and love, is always the source of peace and happiness all around. This series helps to nurture beautiful souls with such great thoughts. This series assists the children to explore values such as honesty, respect, affinity, self-esteem and generosity with the environment and seeds positive attitude; gratitude; and passion for success and happiness in children. It also covers affection, compassion and devotion to tolerance and concern for social commitment.

Pages: 48
Author: Supriya Dora
Book Size: 184 x 265 mm
ISBN: 9788194251972
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